Online Hotline

During the legislative session, you can recommend support for or opposition to a particular piece of legislation by using the Online Hotline. In addition to expressing support for or opposition to an identified bill, you can also leave a short comment regarding the bill. Comments are limited to 140 characters (approximately one or two short sentences).

Comments will not be edited or verified by the Legislative Service Office.

The information that you submit is considered a public record.

When filling out the Online Hotline form, required fields are indicated by an asterisk (*).

Your comments must be related to a specific bill. If you don’t know which bill you wish to comment on, please visit:

Information submitted will be sent to the Representative and/or Senator you selected, but please keep in mind that legislators consider a variety of factors when making decisions on pending legislation.

The Wyoming Legislature offers a variety of services to help Wyoming residents actively participate in legislative sessions. For information about other ways to contact legislators and get involved in the legislative process, please visit: Citizen Engagement

If you experience problems submitting your comments or if you would like to provide feedback on features of this system, please contact us at