31-14-101.  Short title; administration.
This act may be cited as the "Motor Club Services Act" and shall be administered by the insurance commissioner.
31-14-102.  Definitions.
(a)  As used in this act:
(i)  "Bail bond service" means the furnishing or procuring by a motor club of a cash deposit or undertaking required by law in order that a person accused of violation of any law may enjoy personal freedom pending trial;
(ii)  "Buying and selling service" means an arrangement by a motor club whereby the holder of a service contract with the club is aided in any way in the purchase or sale of an automobile;
(iii)  "Claim adjustment service" means an act by a motor club for the purpose of adjusting claims on behalf of the holder of a service contract with the club, when the claim results from injury or damage to person or property arising out of an accident, in connection with the ownership, maintenance, operation and use of a motor vehicle;
(iv)  Repealed by Laws 2018, ch. 33, § 2.
(v)  "Commissioner" means the insurance commissioner of this state;
(vi)  "Discount service" means an arrangement by a motor club resulting in giving special discounts, rebates or reductions of price on gasoline, oil, repairs, parts, accessories or service for motor vehicles or other goods and services to holders of service contracts with the club;
(vii)  "Emergency road service" means any act by a motor club consisting of fuel delivery, extrication, lockout service, key replacement, repair, replacement or other adjustment of the equipment, tires or mechanical parts of a motor vehicle so as to permit it to be operated under its own power;
(viii)  "Financial service" means an arrangement by a motor club whereby loans or other advances of money are made to holders of service contracts with the club;
(ix)  "Insurance service" means the selling or giving, with a service contract or as a result of membership in or affiliation with a motor club, of a policy of insurance written by an authorized insurance carrier covering liability or loss by the holder resulting from injury or damage to person or property arising out of an accident the liability or loss being the consequence of the ownership, maintenance, operation or use of a motor vehicle;
(x)  "License service" means the rendering of assistance by a motor club to any person obtaining:
(A)  Registration of a motor vehicle with the state;
(B)  A driver's license;
(C)  A transfer of legal ownership or registration in the records of the department of transportation.
(xi)  "Map service" means the furnishing of a motor club of road maps without cost to holders of service contracts with the club;
(xii)  "Motor club" means a person directly or indirectly engaged in selling or offering for sale, furnishing or procuring motor club service;
(xiii)  "Motor club service" means the rendering or procuring of any of the services defined in this act to any person in connection with the ownership, operation, use or maintenance of a motor vehicle by the person upon any of the following considerations:
(A)  The person is or will become a member of the club rendering or furnishing the service;
(B)  The person is or will become in any manner affiliated with the club;
(C)  The person is or will become entitled to receive membership or other motor club service from the club by virtue of any agreement or understanding with the club.
(xiv)  "Service contract" means a written agreement whereby any person promises for a consideration to render, furnish or procure motor club service for any other person and includes contracts satisfying the requirements of W.S. 31-14-119;
(xv)  "Theft service" means an act by a motor club for the purpose of locating, identifying or recovering a stolen or missing motor vehicle owned or controlled by the holder of a service contract with the club or for the purpose of detecting or apprehending the person guilty of the theft;
(xvi)  "Touring service" means the furnishing by a motor club of touring information without cost to holders of service contracts with the club;
(xvii)  "Towing service" means the drafting or moving by a motor club of a motor vehicle from one place to another under other power than its own;
(xviii)  "This act" means W.S. 31-14-101 through 31-14-131.
31-14-103.  Required security.
(a)  A person shall not render or agree to render motor club service without first depositing and thereafter continuously maintaining security in one (1) of the following forms with the commissioner:
(i)  One hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) in cash;
(ii)  Securities approved by the commissioner having a market value of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) and approved by the commissioner and legal for investment by admitted insurers issuing nonassessable policies on a reserve basis;
(iii)  A surety bond in the principal sum of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) with an admitted surety insurer as surety.
(b)  In lieu of the deposit required by subsection (a) of this section, a foreign or alien motor club may deposit evidence satisfactory to the commissioner that it has on deposit with an officer of a state of the United States of America, authorized by the law of such state to accept the deposit:
(i)  Securities which meet the requirements of subsection (a) of this section of at least a like amount for the benefit and security of all members and creditors of the motor club; or
(ii)  A surety bond in the principal sum of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) which meets the requirements of W.S. 31-14-104 issued by a bonding company authorized to do business in the state of Wyoming and in the state where the bond is posted.
31-14-104.  Purpose of security; conditions.
(a)  The security shall be:
(i)  For the protection, use and benefit of all persons whose applications for membership in a motor club have been accepted by the club or its representative;
(ii)  Subject to the following conditions and, if a bond, shall be so expressly conditioned:
(A)  The club will faithfully furnish and render to members any and all of the motor club services sold or offered for sale by it;
(B)  The club will pay any fines, fees or penalties imposed upon it under or pursuant to this act.
31-14-105.  Suit on bond; aggregate liability of surety.
If a bond, or evidence of a bond filed in another state, is filed, any person defrauded or injured by any wrongful act, misrepresentation or failure on the part of a motor club with respect to the selling or rendering of any of its services may bring suit on the bond in his own name but the aggregate liability of the surety for all suits shall not exceed the sum of the bond.
31-14-106.  Conditions applicable to deposit of cash or securities.
A deposit of cash or securities, in lieu of bond, shall be subject to the conditions applying to the bond and is also subject to execution on judgments against the club.
31-14-107.  Approval of name by commissioner.
The name of a motor club shall be submitted to the commissioner for approval before the commencement of business. The commissioner may reject any name so submitted when the proposed name would interfere with the transactions of a motor club already doing business in this state or is so similar to one already appropriated as to confuse or mislead the public.
31-14-108.  Required certificate of authority.
A person shall not render or agree to render motor club service in this state without first procuring from the commissioner a certificate of authority to act.
31-14-109.  Prerequisites to issuance of certificate of authority.
(a)  The commissioner shall not issue a certificate of authority to any motor club until:
(i)  It files with him the following:
(A)  A formal application for the certificate in such form and detail as the commissioner requires, executed under oath by its president or other principal officer;
(B)  A certified copy of its charter or articles of incorporation and its bylaws.
(ii)  It pays to the commissioner an annual license fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00);
(iii)  It deposits the required cash, securities, bond or evidence of deposit in another state as provided by W.S. 31-14-103 with the commissioner;
(iv)  Its name is approved by the commissioner under W.S. 31-14-107.
31-14-110.  Continuation of certificate of authority.
Every certificate of authority issued to a motor club shall continue in force until suspended or revoked by the commissioner or terminated at the motor club's request, subject to payment each year before July 1, of the annual licensing fee provided in W.S. 31-14-109(a)(ii) and subject to providing proof of the financial security requirement in W.S. 31-14-103 on a form the commissioner prescribes.
31-14-111.  Revocation or suspension of certificate of authority.
(a)  The commissioner shall revoke or suspend the certificate of authority of a motor club whenever, after a hearing, he finds in accordance with the procedure provided by W.S. 26-2-125 through 26-2-129, that any of the following circumstances exist:
(i)  The club has violated any provision of this act;
(ii)  It is insolvent;
(iii)  Its assets are less than its liabilities;
(iv)  It or its officers refuse to submit to an examination;
(v)  It is transacting business fraudulently.
(b)  The commissioner shall give notice of revocation or suspension to the public in such manner as he deems proper.
31-14-112.  Examination of clubs; financial statement in lieu thereof.
(a)  Every motor club is subject to examination by the commissioner in the manner and under the conditions provided for examination of insurers pursuant to W.S. 26-2-116 through 26-2-118 and 26-2-120 through 26-2-122. In the examination the assets of any motor club are such assets as are deemed by the insurance commissioner to be available for the payment of the obligations of the motor club.
(b)  The expense of examination shall be paid by the motor club.
(c)  In lieu of examination under subsection (a) of this section, the commissioner may accept a copy of the most recent financial statement of the motor club which has been audited by an independent certified public accountant demonstrating that the motor club is solvent as determined by generally accepted accounting principles on a going-concern basis.
31-14-113.  Appointment of commissioner as club's attorney; service of process thereon.
Every motor club desiring to transact business in this state shall file with the commissioner a duly executed instrument whereby the motor club shall appoint and constitute the commissioner and his successor or successors in office the true and lawful attorney of the motor club upon whom all lawful process in any action or legal proceeding against it on a contract issued or cause of action arising in this state may be served, and shall agree that any lawful process against it which may be served upon its attorney as provided in this section shall be of the same force and validity as if served upon the motor club and that the authority thereof shall continue in force irrevocably so long as any liability of the motor club in the state remains outstanding.
31-14-114.  Approval of service contract by commissioner.
A service contract shall not be executed, issued or delivered in this state until the form thereof is approved in writing by the commissioner.
31-14-115.  Proof of membership; date and signature on service contract.
Every service contract executed, issued or delivered in this state shall be accompanied by a proof of membership provided to the contract holder.
31-14-116.  Contents of service contract.
(a)  A service contract shall not be executed, issued or delivered in this state unless it contains the following:
(i)  The exact corporate or other name of the club;
(ii)  The exact location of its home office and any business office in the United States, phone number, email address or other contact information to which consumer inquiries may be made;
(iii)  A provision that the contract may be canceled at any time by either the club or the holder, and that the holder will, if he has actually paid the consideration, thereupon be entitled to the unused portion of the consideration paid for the contract, calculated on a pro rata basis over the period of the contract, without any deductions;
(iv)  A provision plainly specifying:
(A)  The services promised;
(B)  That the holder will not be required to pay any sum, in addition to the amount specified in the contract, for any services thus specified;
(C)  The territory wherein services are to be rendered;
(D)  The date when service will commence.
(v)  A statement in not less than fourteen (14) point bold type at the head of the contract stating, "This is not an automobile liability or physical damage insurance contract."
31-14-117.  Solicitation to purchase service contract.
A person shall not solicit or aid in the solicitation of another person to purchase a service contract issued by a club not having a certificate of authority procured pursuant to this act.
31-14-118.  Misrepresentations as to service contracts.
A club or an officer or agent thereof shall not in any manner misrepresent the terms, benefits or privileges of any service contract issued or to be issued by it.
31-14-119.  Validity of service contract.
Any service contract made, issued or delivered contrary to any provision of this act, shall nevertheless be valid and binding on the club.
31-14-120.  Repealed by Laws 2018, ch. 33, § 2.
31-14-121.  Repealed by Laws 2018, ch. 33, § 2.
31-14-122.  Repealed by Laws 2018, ch. 33, § 2.
31-14-123.  Repealed by Laws 2018, ch. 33, § 2.
31-14-124.  Repealed by Laws 2018, ch. 33, § 2.
31-14-125.  Repealed by Laws 2018, ch. 33, § 2.
31-14-126.  Repealed by Laws 2018, ch. 33, § 2.
31-14-127.  Repealed by Laws 2018, ch. 33, § 2.
31-14-128.  Repealed by Laws 2018, ch. 33, § 2.
31-14-129.  Repealed by Laws 2018, ch. 33, § 2.
31-14-130.  Exemptions.
(a)  This act does not apply to:
(i)  A duly authorized attorney at law acting in the usual course of his profession;
(ii)  Any authorized insurer;
(iii)  Any association of motor carriers providing one (1) or more of the services defined in W.S. 31-14-102, to its members.
31-14-131.  Penalty for violation.
Each violation of this act is punishable as provided by W.S. 26-1-107.