Budget(s):    Section 001.  Office of the Governor

                        [TRIBAL LIAISON]


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Page 8-line 21     After "7." insert "(a)".


Page 9-after line 2     Insert:


     "(b)  The deliverables under subsection (a) of this footnote for tribal relations shall be implemented not later than June 30, 2015 and shall encourage the development of:


          (i)  Mutual respect, understanding and leadership relations between the Indian tribes and the state of Wyoming;


          (ii)  Protocols and a process for communication between the tribes and the state including a liaison in the office of the governor to resolve communication problems;


          (iii)  A working document including an accord or memorandum which clearly outlines the relationship between the tribes and the state;


          (iv)  A systematic review process for tribal liaisons and state government to assess successes, opportunities and future issues including relationships with the select committee on tribal relations and the leadership of the legislature.".


To the extent required by this amendment:  adjust totals; and renumber as necessary.  SCHIFFER, CASE