Page 1-Above line 1     In the catch title, delete "State employment-".


Page 1-line 1      Delete "state employment" insert "persons with disabilities; establishing employment first as a state policy;".


Page 1-line 4      After "employment;" insert "requiring home and community based waiver service providers to implement employment first policies; requiring reports;".


Page 1-line 10     Delete "and (xiv) and" insert "through (xv),".


Page 1-line 11     After "(n)" insert "and 42-4-120 by creating a new subsection (m)".


Page 2-After line 9     Insert:


"(xiv)  "Employment first" means a concept to facilitate the full inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the workplace and community.  Under the employment first approach, community based, integrated employment is the first option for employment services for children and adults with disabilities.  Employment first includes competitive employment in an integrated setting.".


Page 2-line 11     Delete "(xiv)" insert "(xv)".


Page 3-line 2      Delete "it" insert "employment first".


Page 3-line 5      Delete "This policy" insert "Employment first".


Page 3-line 10     Before "programs" insert "hiring and in all"; after "services" insert "administered or funded by the agencies".


Page 3-After line 19    Insert:


"42-4-120.  Contracts for waiver services; authority of department; emergency case services; cost based payments; training and certification of specialists.


(m)  The department shall ensure that service providers receiving funds pursuant to this section shall have established employment first policies, including competitive employment in an integrated setting, consistent with the requirements of W.S. 9-2-1022 for state agencies."


Section 2.  


(a)  The governor shall convene a task force made up of the governor's designee and the directors or their designees from the departments of administration and information, health, family services and workforce services.  The task force shall develop a strategic plan to implement the employment first policy pursuant to W.S. 9-2-1022(n).


(b)  The department of health shall report to the joint labor, health and social services interim committee by October 1, 2014 and each October 1 through 2017 on the employment first strategic plan developed pursuant to subsection (a) of this section.  The first report shall include the status of rules adopted to implement the policy and strategic plan and subsequent reports shall include trend data showing progress toward full implementation and results of the employment first policy.".


Page 3-line 21     Delete "Section 2" insert "Section 3".  Harvey, Chairman