H.B. No. 0164

Wind River Reservation boundaries.


Sponsored By:        Representative(s) Miller and Greene and Senator(s) Bebout and Meier


AN ACT relating to the Wind River Indian Reservation; specifying the boundaries of the reservation; requiring state maps to show boundaries as specified; and providing for an effective date.


2/12/2014 Bill Number Assigned

2/13/2014 H Received for Introduction

2/14/2014 H Introduced and Referred to H09



Ayes:  Representative(s) Baker, Berger, Blikre, Brown, Burkhart, Campbell, Cannady, Davison, Eklund, Gay, Gingery, Greene, Halverson, Harshman, Harvey, Hunt, Hutchings, Jaggi, Kasperik, Kirkbride, Kroeker, Krone, Larsen, Lockhart, Loucks, Lubnau, Madden, Mader, McKim, Miller, Moniz, Nicholas, B., Northrup, Paxton, Petroff, Piiparinen, Reeder, Semlek, Sommers, Stubson, Teeters, Walters, Watt, Wilson, Winters and Zwonitzer, Dn.

Nays:  Representative(s) Barlow, Blake, Blevins, Byrd, Coleman, Connolly, Esquibel, K., Filer, Freeman, Goggles, Patton, Throne and Zwonitzer, Dv.

Excused:  Representative(s) Greear

Ayes 46    Nays 13    Excused 1    Absent 0    Conflicts 0


2/21/2014 H No report prior to COW Cutoff

3/3/2014  H Died in Committee Returned Bill Pursuant to HR 5-4