S.F. No. 0088

Woman's right to reproductive safety and information.


Sponsored By:     Senator(s) Nutting, Barnard and Meier and Representative(s) Hutchings, Jaggi, Reeder and Watt


AN ACT relating to public health and safety; requiring physicians to obtain a signed acknowledgment as specified when obtaining a pregnant woman's consent to an abortion; requiring the disclosure of information; requiring the retention of records; providing exceptions; providing definitions; and providing for an effective date.


1/7/2013    Bill Number Assigned

1/9/2013    S Received for Introduction

1/23/2013   S Introduced and Referred to S01

2/4/2013    S No report prior to CoW Cutoff

2/26/2013   S01 Motion to Do Pass Failed in Accordance with Senate Rule 5-4



Ayes:  Senator(s) Hicks

Nays:  Senator(s) Burns, Christensen, Esquibel, F. and Schiffer

Ayes 1    Nays 4    Excused 0    Absent 0    Conflicts 0