Page 5-lines 9 through 14    Delete and renumber.


Page 5-After line 22    Insert and renumber:


              "(C)  Any other identified recommended methods to realize cost savings.


          (vii)  The study shall include a discussion of the home and community based Medicaid waivers that shall include the following:


              (A)  Identification of cost drivers;


              (B)  Identification of whether the state could impose co-payments on recipients of the children's developmental disability waiver;


              (C)  Identification of waiver wrap around service costs;


              (D)  Discussion of any identified cost savings within the waiver programs, including any successful methods for cost savings implemented in other states.".


Page 6-line 21     After "present" delete "a".


Page 6-line 22     Delete "report" insert "reports".


Page 6-line 23     Delete "by December 1, 2012" insert "with the first report due by June 1, 2012 and the second report due by October 1, 2012".


Page 6-line 24     Delete "May 1, 2013" insert "December 1, 2012".  DOCKSTADER, ACTING CHAIRMAN