Bill No.: SF0001                  Drafter:  DKG


LSO No.:  12LSO-0341              Effective Date:  3/8/2012


Enrolled Act No.:  SEA0029


Chapter No.:       CH0026


Prime Sponsor:     Joint Appropriations Interim Committee


Catch Title:       General government appropriations.


Subject:           Budget bill.

This bill contains the following appropriations (in millions of dollars) for these major programs:


K-12 Foundation program

$1.66B in school funds for K-12 programs

School Capital Construction

$101.8M in school capcon funds for major maintenance


Locals - All appropriations to cities, towns and counties

Total GF appropriation of $135M plus $33.4M in mineral royalty funds


Dept. of Transportation including WYOLINK and airport improvements

$70M GF for road construction

$1.3M GF for WYOLINK

$15.2M GF for airport improvements


Business Ready Community Program  - Total appropriation of $58.5M GF

Community Facility Program - Total appropriation of $8.5M GF


Wildlife Trust –

$11M GF for projects

$5M GF for trust fund

$684K GF for administration


Dept. of Health - Total appropriation of $934.5M GF, split the biennial appropriation into separate fiscal years

Added $1.5M for DD programs and waiting lists in FY 2013

Added $400K for AIDS drug rebate program

Added $235K for telehealth consortium

Added $250K for developing a primary medical care home network

Added $85K for combat veterans' assistance materials

Added $60K for hearing aids for early childhood intervention

Set aside $1.2M for Medicaid emergencies and caseload increases


UW - Total appropriation of $394M GF

Approved $2M new funding for NCAR MOU


Comm Colleges - Total appropriation of $261.5M GF


Dept. of Corrections - Total appropriation of $289.1M GF


UW Medical Education - $36.3M GF and $9.1M Special revenue funds


Capital construction (including major maintenance) - Total appropriation of $63.7M GF

$4.4M S0 for A&I state office building

$5.9M GF and $16.8M Federal funds for Military Dept Laramie Armory

$3.3M for Military Dept Afton Armory

$1M for Military Dept cemetery improvements

$500K GF for Military Dept land acquisitions

$1M omnibus permanent land fund for Dept of Corrections Women's Center

$15.4M GF and $11.3M private funding sources for various community college projects

$36M GF and $22M revenue bond funds for various university projects


Employee compensation

Approved $5.2M for retiree insurance

Approved 1% of payroll for future retiree insurance


Game & Fish

Approved $8.9M for various programs


Appropriation to LSRA (savings) - $15M GF


Appropriation of $30M GF revenues from FY 2012 Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust Fund earnings in excess of the amounts projected by CREG in the January 2012 revenue estimates to the AML Balancing Account created by HB0121


Provision for transfer of $150M from LSRA to GF in the case CREG issues a revised forecast between the regular January and October reports which lowers natural gas income to the general fund and budget reserve account by at least $150M 


Provision for 4% General Fund standard budget reductions in FY 2014 budgets.


Provision for 8% General Fund standard budget reductions in FY 2015-16 budget requests.



General Fund Appropriations - $3.22 Billion

Federal Fund Appropriations $1.6 Billion

Other State Fund Appropriations - $3.35 Billion

Total appropriations in budget bill - $8.17 Billion


The following reports are required under the budget bill:


A&I – report to JAC on containing a complete history of surplus property sales for the last five (5) years. The department shall also examine payment methods other than cash, for sales occurring after July 1, 2013.


A&I - employees' group insurance division shall report quarterly to the joint appropriations committee and the joint labor, health and social services interim committee on the effectiveness of alternative payment and delivery systems for healthcare services to plan participants. Potential plan incentives to encourage appropriate use of high value services, including necessary prescription drugs and preventive services, adoption of healthy lifestyles, and the use of highly performing providers who adhere to evidence-based treatment guidelines shall be included in the report.


A&I – report results of a study of the feasibility of converting school district motor vehicles to natural gas fueled vehicles, to the governor and the JAC by November 1, 2012.


CIO - No later than the fifteenth of every month, the state chief information officer shall report to the governor, the JAC and the joint education interim committee, aspects of the administration and implementation of school finance and data collection required by various Wyoming statutes and in accordance with 2012 Senate File 33, his findings regarding duties under this footnote.


Attorney General - As necessary to conform to federal requirements, victim assistance providers shall not be required to submit annual unduplicated counts of the number of victims served in order to qualify for funding under W.S. 1-40-118 for the 2013-2014 fiscal biennium. Providers receiving funding under W.S. 1-40-118 shall be required to report the number of victims served on an unduplicated program level.


School Facilities Commission – report to the JAC and the select school facilities commission no later than September 15, 2012 regarding charter school facilities.


DOH – report from State Hospital to JAC annually on the use of self-generated fees – renewal of current report requirement, by November 1.


DWS - preliminary report on the effectiveness of alternative back and spine injury treatment trials to the joint labor, health and social services interim committee on or before October 1, 2012 and a final outcomes report on or before October 1, 2013.


OSLI - The director of the office of state lands and investments shall review the control, leasing, exchange, care and disposal of all institutional acquired lands held by the department of family services, the department of health and the department of corrections to determine whether such lands are being managed for the highest best use. The director to report to the joint minerals, business and economic development interim committee by October 1, 2012.


Retirement - The board of directors shall provide a detailed report explaining the individual salaries paid for specified positions, benefits provided, performance justification for the salaries and job appraisals annually by July 31 to the JAC.


Section 326 – Educational Accountability Data Systems -

On or before December 31, 2012, and on or before December 31, 2013, the state CIO shall report to the JAC and the joint education interim committee regarding progress on education data systems and recommendations on future development and implementation of the data systems.


Governor – ongoing report via B-11 process any reductions to agency budgets under the budget reduction authority due to revenue shortfalls.


Supreme Court – budget requests submitted to JAC by November 1, 2012 for 2013-2014 supplemental requests, and by November 1, 2013 for 2015-2016 biennial budget requests.



NOTE:  The Governor vetoed the following provisions:

A&I footnote 4 – in the state CIO's review of the school finance and data collection provisions, the word "oversight" was vetoed, as was the monthly reporting provision.

In the DEQ's solid waste budget, a footnote capped the ability  to fill vacancies at 43 FTE, should vacancies in the 46 authorized FTE occur.  The footnote was vetoed.

In employee benefits, the governor used the line item veto to correct inadvertently lower amounts for employee insurance contributions.

Zero based budgeting was required for the upcoming biennium in the 200, 600 and 900 series.  The 200 series requirement was vetoed.