H.B. No. 0110

Wyoming business ready community program.


Sponsored By:     Joint Minerals, Business and Economic Development Interim Committee


AN ACT relating to economic development; providing for grants under the Wyoming business ready community program; expanding projects available for funding; and providing for an effective date.


1/6/2009    Bill Number Assigned

1/13/2009   H Introduced and Referred to H09

1/13/2009   H Received for Introduction

1/21/2009   H09 Recommended Amend and Do Pass



Ayes:  Representative(s) Brechtel, Byrd, Harvey, Lockhart, Meyer, Moniz, Roscoe, Stubson and Zwonitzer, Dv.

Ayes 9    Nays 0    Excused 0    Absent 0    Conflicts 0


1/21/2009   H Placed on General File



Page 2-line 1           After "of" insert "businesses that will provide".

Page 2-line 6           After "existing" insert "businesses providing"; after "technology" insert "storage".

Page 3-line 2           After "technology" insert "storage".

Page 3-line 6           After "repay" insert "with a reasonable rate of return". LOCKHART, CHAIRMAN


1/26/2009   H Passed CoW

1/27/2009   H Passed 2nd Reading

1/28/2009   H Passed 3rd Reading



Ayes:  Representative(s) Anderson, R., Bagby, Barbuto, Berger, Blake, Bonner, Brechtel, Brown, Buchanan, Byrd, Cannady, Carson, Childers, Cohee, Connolly, Craft, Davison, Diercks, Edmonds, Esquibel, K., Gilmore, Gingery, Goggles, Hales, Hallinan, Hammons, Harshman, Harvey, Illoway, Jorgensen, Lockhart, Lubnau, McKim, McOmie, Mercer, Meyer, Miller, Millin, Moniz, Patton, Peasley, Pedersen, Petersen, Philp, Quarberg, Roscoe, Semlek, Shepperson, Simpson, Steward, Stubson, Thompson, Throne, Zwonitzer, Dn. and Zwonitzer, Dv.

Nays:  Representative(s) Jaggi, Landon, Madden, Teeters and Wallis

Ayes 55    Nays 5    Excused 0    Absent 0    Conflicts 0


1/30/2009   S Received for Introduction

1/30/2009   S Introduced and Referred to S09

2/3/2009    S09 Recommended Do Pass



Ayes:  Senator(s) Bebout, Cooper, Hunnicutt, Larson and Martin

Ayes 5    Nays 0    Excused 0    Absent 0    Conflicts 0


2/3/2009    S Placed on General File

2/12/2009   S Passed CoW



Page 1-line 1           Delete "providing for".

Page 1-line 2           Delete.

Page 1-line 3           After "funding" insert "under the Wyoming business ready community program".

Page 1-line 8           Delete "9-12-601" insert "9-12-601(b)" and delete balance of line.

Page 1-line 9           Delete through "(k)".

Page 1-lines 14 and 15        Delete and insert:

"(b)  The council shall establish and administer a Wyoming business ready community program as provided by this article. Any city, town or county may submit an application to the council for a grant or loan under the program on forms prescribed by and subject to rules promulgated by the council.  Grants or loans may be applied for by a joint powers board with the approval of all participating agencies to the joint powers agreement.  Grants and loans may be made by the council for economic or educational development infrastructure projects, including the purchase of land, buildings, facilities, telecommunications infrastructure, rights of way, airports, sewer and water projects, roads, landscaping, recreational and convention facilities, information technology infrastructure including data generation, storage and retrieval or other infrastructure determined by the council to be consistent with the purposes of this article. In adopting rules and making grants and loans under this article the council shall require all projects to be related to economic or educational development infrastructure, which shall not include rehabilitation or expansion of existing infrastructure unless the council determines the rehabilitation or expansion is necessary to meet the purposes of this article. All grants, loans or cooperative agreements made under this article shall be referred by the council to the state loan and investment board for final approval or disapproval. The state loan and investment board may adopt rules as necessary to implement its duties under this article."

Page 2-lines 1 through 22     Delete.

Page 3-lines 1 through 21     Delete.  PERKINS


2/13/2009   S Passed 2nd Reading

2/17/2009   S Passed 3rd Reading



Ayes:  Senator(s) Burns, Coe, Cooper, Decaria, Dockstader, Esquibel, F., Geis, Hastert, Hunnicutt, Jennings, Johnson, Larson, Martin, Massie, Peterson, Ross, Sessions, Townsend, Vasey and Von Flatern

Nays:  Senator(s) Anderson, J., Case, Hines, Landen, Meier, Nicholas, Perkins, Schiffer and Scott

Excused:  Senator(s) Bebout

Ayes 20    Nays 9    Excused 1    Absent 0    Conflicts 0


2/17/2009   Assigned Number HEA No. 0012

2/20/2009   H Speaker Signed HEA No. 0012

2/23/2009   S President Signed HEA No. 0012

2/25/2009   Governor Signed HEA No. 0012

2/25/2009   Assigned Chapter Number


Chapter No. 0030  Session Laws of Wyoming 2009.