S.F. No. 0013

Same sex marriages.


Sponsored By:     Senator(s) Geis and Representative(s) Petersen


AN ACT relating to domestic relations; creating an exception to the provision that all marriages validly contracted outside of this state are valid in Wyoming; providing that marriages between persons of the same sex are void; and providing for an effective date.


12/4/2006   Bill Number Assigned

1/9/2007    S Received for Introduction

1/10/2007   S Introduced and Referred to S01

1/26/2007   S01 Recommended Do Pass



Ayes:  Senator(s) Burns, Perkins and Ross

Nays:  Senator(s) Decaria and Sessions

Ayes 3    Nays 2    Excused 0    Absent 0    Conflicts 0


1/26/2007   S Placed on General File

1/29/2007   S Passed CoW

1/30/2007   S Passed 2nd Reading



Page 1-line 14          After "contracts" insert "as defined by W.S. 20‑1‑101".

Page 2-line 1           After "state" delete balance of line.

Page 2-line 2           Delete "sex".

Page 2-line 10          After "When the" delete balance of line and insert "marriage contract does not satisfy the requirements of W.S. 20‑1‑101.".  NICHOLAS


1/31/2007   S Passed 3rd Reading



Ayes:  Senator(s) Anderson, J., Aullman, Barrasso, Burns, Coe, Cooper, Fecht, Geis, Hines, Jennings, Johnson, Larson, Meier, Nicholas, Perkins, Peterson, Ross, Schiffer, Scott, Townsend and Vasey.

Nays:  Senator(s) Case, Decaria, Hastert, Job, Massie, Mockler, Sessions and Von Flatern.

Excused:  Senator(s) Peck

Ayes 21    Nays 8    Excused 1    Absent 0    Conflicts 0


2/2/2007    H Received for Introduction

2/16/2007   H Introduced and Referred to H12; No Report Prior to CoW Cutoff

2/27/2007   H12 Motion to Do Pass Failed



Ayes:  Representative(s) Alden, Anderson, R., Buchanan, Illoway, Philp and Simpson

Nays:  Representative(s) Cohee, Diercks, Hammons, Landon, Lubnau, Martin and Thompson

Ayes 6    Nays 7    Excused 0    Absent 0    Conflicts 0